Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Free Samples Every Month!

Who doesn't like free???   Sign up with PinchMe and get free samples every month!  Sometimes you'll qualify for other special offers throughout the month!  I've been with PinchMe for several years, always great name brand products!

*Post contains affiliate links, thank you for your support!

Friday, March 3, 2017

$5 Bonus just for you!

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Extra 50% off Clearance at Dollar General!

Huge Clearance Event at Dollar General!  Friday 3/3 through Sunday 3/5 only!  Additional 50% OFF clearance!  This will make for some AWESOME deals!

DOUBLE Kelloggs Family Rewards Points!

Lucky Bonus Days
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Coming soon, get DOUBLE POINTS on the first 7 KFR-participating products you buy during Kellogg's Family Rewards Lucky Bonus Days!  If you're not a member yet, sign up now!  Earn points for all the Kellogg's products you buy.  Redeem points for high value coupons or prizes.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Free Wildflower Seeds from Cheerios!

Head over to the Cheerios Website to request your free packet of Wildflower Seeds!  Just fill out the form and you're done!

How I Make Money From Home On My Computer

UPDATED!  I get asked all the time how I make money online, if these survey sites are legit (YES!) and does it cost anything (NO!).  So, here it is.  My Updated list of survey sites that I use and have cashed out from!  100% Legit!

The best part about sites like these, you can either make a little extra cash here and there...  Save up for something big like CHRISTMAS (Imagine having all Christmas gifts paid for with the money you make online!?) or if you treat it like a job, you make a nice little part time income!

Get Paid To View Ads, Emails and More

FusionCash - My FAVORITE site for earning money.  FusionCash has an A+ rating with BBB.  They start you out with a $5 bonus just for signing up.  Then you can earn money everyday for viewing emails, searching the web, watching videos, listening the internet radio, taking surveys, completing free, trial and paid offers, completing tasks and of course, shopping!  You can cash out at $25.  I usually cash out $40-$90 a month, just depends how much time I spend on the site.

Bing Rewards - Sign up for Bing Rewards and earn points for doing simple things, like your every day searches!  I can usually cash out $3 a month, it's not much but every little bit helps.  It all depends how much searching you do!

Inbox Dollars - You also get a $5 bonus for signing up.  You can earn money for completing free, trial and paid offers, viewing emails, taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, searching the web, printing coupons and using coupons, completing tasks and yes, shopping!  You can cash out at $30.  I usually cash out $30-$40 every other month on this site.

MyPoints - My Points is similar to Swagbucks and is BBB accredited.  Get paid for shopping, searching the internet, completing offers and surveys.  It's another great way to earn some extra Amazon gift cards, or whatever kind of gift card you want.  I can usually cash out $20-$30 a month.

Points2Shop - Another one to add to the mix, earn points by taking surveys, completing offers and more.

Swagbucks - Swagbucks is probably the most well known site for these things and I have been using them for years.  I have received hundreds of dollars in Amazon Gifts cards from them.  The best part is you can cash out with as little as 450 Swagbucks (equal to $5 Amazon gift card).  You earn Swagbucks by searching the web, completing offers, taking surveys, watching videos, printing and using coupons and much more.  I cash out about $100 a month.

Also - Hits4Pay - Get paid $0.02 for every ad you view, and earn $0.01 for every ad your referrals view!  It takes awhile to get to your $25 cash out, but it's so easy.

Get Money Back for Shopping, Online and In Store.

Checkout 51 - This is one of the simplest ways to get cash back for your regular shopping.  I've got money back for things like: Eggs, tomatoes, berries, scrubbing bubbles, windex and more.  All things I needed and was going to buy any way, many I had coupons for as well.

Ebates - Was started in 1998, BBB accredited and gives you cash back for your online shopping.  My favorite thing about Ebates is probably the extension you can add to your browser which will alert you when they have a cash back offer on whatever webpage you are on.  This is great for me because I tend to forget to visit the rebate site first!

Ibotta - Ibotta is a fantastic app.  It gives you cash back (to your PayPal account) for shopping.  Check out what offers they have, they update all the time.  Complete the offers, buy the product, scan the receipt and barcode in the app and send to Ibotta.  Once it's approved, you get money back!  Once you have $5 from Ibotta you can have them send it to your PayPal account.  I've received well over $200 back from them, just for buying things I already buy and use!

MrRebates - Has been around since 2002, BBB accredited and gives you cash back for your online shopping.  Mr Rebates has stores that Ebates does not and visa versa.  Between the two, my preference is Mr Rebates.

MyPoints - For online shopping rebates, My Points is my favorite.  I check My Points, Ebates and Mr Rebates and usually end up going with My Points.  BBB accredited.  You also earn points for printing and redeeming coupons, taking surveys, searching the internet, watching videos and more!

Shopkick - Earn "kicks" which can be redeemed for Gift Cards just by walking into a store, scanning items around the store and earn even more if you purchase those item!

Get Paid to Take Surveys

These are my FAVORITE sites to use and cash out the most and most frequently:

I-say by Ipsos - Survey site, not a lot of surveys but the ones they have are interesting and I rarely get kicked out of them.  I've had several product testing through them.

MintVine - Decent survey site, has a daily poll that will give you 5 points when you answer it, as well as gives you 5 points whenever you do not qualify for a survey.  They don't have a ton of surveys, but it's a nice one to have in the mix.

MySurvey - Another fun BBB accredited survey site.  If you have a webcam, you can earn extra points (usually about $2.50 per survey) when you qualify for their webcam surveys where they record your reactions to a commercial or ad.

MyView - BBB Accredited, you can only sign up by referral.  This is probably my favorite survey site.

Opinion Outpost - I love this site because you can earn money and cash out quickly!  It's only $10 to cash out and most surveys are worth $1 - $3.50!  It only takes a few surveys to be able to cash out.

Pinecone Research - at $3 a survey, this survey site is one of the best.  I've cashed out twice, and they pay quickly.

Springboard America - I received $2.50 for my first survey.  The minimum amount to cash out is $50, so it takes a little while to get there and then you wait another 4-8 weeks for your rewards...  But it is more than worth it when you get that $50 Amazon Gift Card!  I have cashed out once and am halfway to my next one!

Survey Savvy - BBB Accredited site.  You can also install software onto your computer and/or phones to earn even more.  They often have special opportunities.  I have done a $25 study as well as a $45 study with them.

Toluna Surveys - This site is fun.  I actually got a survey that turned into a 28 day study and received $20 for it.

Valued Opinions - Another great site I have been using for several years.

YouGov - This site is a lot of fun.  The surveys are unique and unlike other survey sites, the surveys are actually related to current events and your opinions on things that matter and affect your life.

These are a few other sites I use, though I don't make much here:
E-Poll - They don't send out a ton of survey invites, but so far I have been able to take and complete each one they send me!

iPoll - Survey site, also BBB accredited.

MindField - Mindfield is another BBB accredited survey site.

MyOp4G - This survey site is a little different from others, as it allows you to contribute 25% (minimum) up to 100% of your earnings to a charity of your choice.  So sign up, take some surveys, earn some money and donate to a great charity at the same time!

National Consumer Panel - This is a really fun way to earn points and get free stuff.  They send you a scanner and you scan all the purchases you make and transmit the data to them.  They also have surveys from time to time.

Apps That Give Back

See blog post dedicated to apps HERE.  I make over $300 a month from apps.

PerkTV - I just have to put this one here, as it is probably the EASIEST way to earn money.  Get paid to watch ads on your phone or other mobile device.  You can install this app on up to 5 devices her account (and have 5 accounts per household) and sit back and watch the rewards stack up!  For every two ads you watch, you will earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal.  If you have an old phone you are not using anymore, download and install this app and literally watch the points come in!  I cash out about $200 a month just with this app.

Other Ways To Make Money

Get Compensated For Your "Junk" Mail! 

This is an easy one. This company (SBKC - Small Business Knowledge Center) is BBB Accredited with an A+ rating, has been around since 2006 and gives you money for sending them certain types of your own mail and emails. You earn points for what you send them and once you have 2,000 points they will mail you a $20 Visa card. You don't have to send them anything you are not comfortable with (too much personal info or whatever).  I easily get the $20 Visa Card every month.

Sign up HERE (or just read more about them). When you sign up, it'll ask how you heard about them. Just put my name (Anna Ball) in that spot.

Like giving your opinions and leaving reviews on products you love, or hate?

Sign up for Viewpoints and earn points for every approved product review you write!  Every week they have bonus categories that will earn you double points.


Another fun way to make some extra money is app testing.  I make a couple hundred a month using sites like these:

The Beta Family

Elusive Stars



These are most of the ways I earn money online.  By working on these sites, I am invited to join Online Communities, Take Interactive Surveys (which usually pay $20-$35 for 30 - 90 minutes) and also get to test many products.  I have also started Beta Testing apps which usually pays $10-$15 each.

One way to help keep me on track is to use a spreadsheet with my daily goals.  Because I can't always control which sites have surveys available, I am not always able to meet all my goals every day, but I make sure that I make a full attempt on my part.  Many times because of the surveys I take, I am invited to participate in special surveys, communities, studies, etc which only adds to my monthly total, though it isn't included in my daily goals.

Everything you will find here is a legit site, many are BBB accredited, I have personally signed up for and used them and all I have cashed out on.  I am always trying to find new sites to earn money on, and I will update this once I feel comfortable that a site is legit and worthwhile.

Now, for what my day looks like...  I have 3 young children.  My days are never the same, they are busy and hectic but always fun.  I start my morning off with checking my email.  You may want to create a separate email just for all your survey sites, I use Gmail and just have everything go to my Forums tab so it doesn't clutter up my inbox.  But I do get dozens of emails on a good day.  Fusion Cash sends a daily email and I always start there.  I spend maybe 5 minutes on Fusion Cash doing the email, their Paid to Click and then some videos and tasks.  I'll check and see if they have any surveys and if I have time work on those I will.  From there, as I have time throughout the day, I just work on clearing out my emails (you'll know what I'm talking about once you sign up for all these sites!).  If I have any shopping to do or anything I need to purchase online, I search through my rebate sites (EbatesTopCashBackMr RebatesMyPoints) to see where I can get the most money back.

FusionCashInbox Dollars and MyPoints also give you rewards for using their search toolbars every day.

Fusion Cash and Inbox Dollars are more than just survey sites, so check out all the other things you can do like tasks, watch videos and complete offers.  Some offers are easy (sign up for this email newsletter, sign up for this survey site, etc) and some offer are for trials (netflix, hulu, etc) or some are to purchase things (Get $10 cash when you make a purchase on X site).  I never spend money on offers just to get money back, that doesn't make sense.  But if there is something I am actually interested in, I'll definitely go for it.  I purchased a knife from Cooking Pleasures, I paid $3 S/H and received $3 back from Inbox Dollars.  The knife was worth more than $3 so that was a great deal.  After I received the knife I called them and cancelled my account with Cooking Pleasures, easy peasy.  FusionCash has an option called Paid to Call.  You are limited to how many you can do, but this is another great way to earn a few dollars.

It's not until the end of the day, after at least one child is in bed that I really start "working".  I usually try to get 2-4 hours in (with plenty of Facebook breaks and catching up on my favorite TV shows).  And then I do it all again the next day.

It's time consuming.  But it's fun and well worth it.  I end up qualifying for all kind of studies, communities, focus groups, etc by taking part in these surveys.  That's where large amounts of money can come in.